High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting

High pressure aluminium die casting is a manufacturing process in which molten metal (aluminium) is injected with a die casting machine under force using considerable pressure into a steel mould or die to form products.

Because of the excellent dimensional accuracy and the smooth surfaces, most high pressure die castings require no machining except the removal of flash around the edge and possible drilling and tapping holes. High pressure die casting production is fast and inexpensive relative to other casting processes.

Aluminum is used in 80-90% of the high pressure die casting alloys available in the world today. In many cases aluminium high pressure die casting can replace steel, increasing strength and reducing part weight.

High Quantity Production

Thousands of high pressure die casting parts can be produced in a single day with the right die casting tooling and proper high pressure die casting part design.

Low Quantity Production

We will produce for our customers low quantities of high pressure die casting parts, as few as 100 high pressure die casting parts. The cost to produce and complete the high pressure die casting parts is higher than the larger quantities, so the high pressure die casting part price is higher.

High Pressure Die Casting Tooling

High Pressure die casting moulds, sometimes referred to as high pressure die casting tooling, are made from steel hardened to withstand high temperatures and extreme pressures. There are many types of high pressure die casting tooling from simple inexpensive inserts to complete high pressure die casting dies that are dedicated to only one part. Once a high pressure die casting tool is produced, the cost to make high pressure die casting parts is very little.

Die Casting Part Quality

The dimensional accuracy which Brite Aero Sdn Bhd maintains is one of our outstanding characteristics. We will create an "Operation Sheet" that has all the inspection points necessary to ship you the high pressure die casting parts you want. We provide a "Certificate of Conformance" with each shipment of high pressure die casting parts.


X-ray Inspection of materials and products, also called industrial radiography, is a very effective method on uncovering suburface defects. We are offer two types of radiography to meet specification requuirements and customer preferences:

  • Digital Radiography / Computed Radiography (CR)
  • Film Radiography / Conventional Radiography (XR)

X-ray Inspection service can reveal hidden voids and defects in a variety of solid materials, including metal, plastic, composites, silicone and rubber. This method will not harm the test piece.